The Library staff consists of eight full-time employees. They are all familiar with useful software packages and willing to assist every user to use of the Library services effectively. So, for further information, don/t hesitate to ask them.

The Library Staff

Mbolieraki Maria (Librarian) Reference Department +302821037278
Kastelianou Zoi (Librarian) Reference Department +302821037278
Mpartzi Katerina (Librarian) Reference Department +302821037278
Konsolaki Hara (Librarian) Branch of "Galliki Sholi" +302821037113
Leventaki Elisavet (Librarian) Technical Services Department +302821037278
Ntountounaki Hara (Librarian) Technical Services Department +302821037278
Ntaountaki Maria (Librarian) Head of the Library +302821037277
Prentaki Elena (Librarian) Technical Services Department +302821037277
Proimou Ilektra (Librarian) Technical Services Department +302821037281
Papadaki Evaggelia (Librarian) Technical Services Department +302821037281
Poulidaki Ioanna (Accountant) Accounts Department & Secretariat +302821037275
Aris Meletiou (Electronics and Computers Engineer) System & Network Administrator +302821037284

Also, you can contact Library using the following address, tel. and fax number:

Technical University of Crete
University Campus
73100 Hania
Crete, Hellas
Tel.: +3
2 821 0 37273
Fax: +3
2 821 0 37576