As long as the items borrowed have not been reserved by another borrower can be renewed. The Library accepts and telephone renewals.
Important Note: Only 2 repeated renewalls are permitted for borrowed items.

Reservations and Recalls:
Any item on loan can be recalled for another borrower at 7 days notice. If the item has not been returned within 3 days, fines of 0.60 EURO per item shall be levied on the first 3 days and 1.50 EURO on each following day. This is not valid for the summer time, that is, from July 10th to August 20th. A user can book an ietm which is currently on loan. If the item is in heavy demand it is recalled. If not, it is returned as soon as the loan period is ended. In both cases, the person who applied for the reservation is notified to borrow the item.

Fines of 0.06 EURO per day, per book, shall be levied on any borrower returning an item late.

Within the Library building there is a self-service photocopier available to users, which operates with magnetic cards.

The Development of the Library stock can be achieved by: