The Library of the Technical University of Crete was set up in the summer of 1985. Today, it is located in a modern, practical building on Campus, especially designed for its needs. Its staff is ten full-time employees. Its collection includes printed and non-printed material and its services are offered, according to regulations, not only to the students and the staff of the University but also to anyone who may be interested in its material. Any individual and organization (public or private) can borrow and photocopy Library material according to international copyright laws. Moreover, within the Library building, there are modern electronic systems in order to ensure quality and quick service users.

The Library uses the program GEAC-ADVANCE, a library system especially designed to process its material (loan, orders, etc.). Also, it allows for remote accessing to its database where all books and journals are recorded. This access is available via Internet as the Library has access to Internet via a leased line 4 Mbits/sec.

This connection allows distant users to be connected to the Library computerised catalogue (OPAC) as well as to their circulation area. For more informations just see the available servers of Library.

The Library is able to access numerous on-line databases (national and international) in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics, Economics, Management, Chemistry, Industry etc.

The Library is a member of the National Hellenic Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries of the National Documentation Center.

Finally, for purpose of expediancy, the Library subscribes to many mailing and discussion lists of Internet for both staff and users.

The Library is open :

Sunday Closed
Monday 9.00 - 19.45
Tuesday 9.00 - 19.45
Wednesday 9.00 - 19.45
Thursday 9.00 - 19.45
Friday 9.00 - 19.45
Saturday Closed