The Library building is divided in 4 levels. On the ground floor, there are the textbooks. The students borrow them during a semester for their courses and return them at the end of each semester. Some of the staff offices are also located on this floor: the Cataloging and Classification Department, the Acquisitions Department and the Systems Administration Department.

The circulation desk and the Reserve Collection of the Library are situated on the first floor, where the newspapers and the Serials (current issues and issues less or up to two years old) are also situated there. In addition, there is a piece of furniture for the reprints.

The Book Collection is located on the second floor. The books are classified and arranged on the shelves according to their subject. The classification system used, is of the LC. An indicative sign of the subject field category of the books it holds, is placed in each shelf. So, anybody who is familiar or not with the LC classification system, may look for a book going directly to the shelves. Moreover, there is a piece of furniture where all the diploma theses submitted to the Technical University of Crete are arranged, the Reference Department, the Director's office, the Secretary's and Accountant's office and the Multimedia room.

Finally, on the third floor the Serials in volumes are located as well as a group study room.

Within the Library premises, there are reading areas for the users and personal computers and terminals for using the Library´s computerised catalogue known as OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).